Domestic and International Tooling Manufacturers and Solutions

Le Sueur Incorporated is aligned with many of the most respected and world class tooling manufacturers in the world! LSI can help with recommending the best tooling solution for a project, whether that is domestic or internationally built tooling.

Considerations for a domestic or international tool build include:

  • Tooling savings with internationally built tooling.
  • Time to Market & Project Milestones
    • Additional leadtime (5-6 weeks) may be necessary for delivery of overseas tooling.
    • Air shipment of tooling can be arranged at a premium expense.
    • Samples/parts produced overseas are often used by our customers for testing.

Le Sueur Incorporated specializes in producing dimensionally complex, pressure tight aluminum castings and thermoplastic injection molded components. We offer complete in-house precision machining, finishing and assembly. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can best assist with your casting needs!