Engineering Support for Design Optimization

Modern aluminum casting and thermoplastic injection molding are complex manufacturing processes that involve many technically critical variables. From design to simulation to prototype and finally production, numerous variables must be considered simultaneously, systematically studied and optimized to ensure Le Sueur Incorporated’s reputation for products of unsurpassed quality. LSI applies rigorous process methodologies supported by cutting-edge computer simulation and modeling.

Engaging casting process simulation in the early development phase of a project ensures the greatest benefits including improved yield, highly consistent production quality and reduced manufacturing costs. Our industry leading engineering team utilizes advanced casting technology to transform the molten aluminum into our customers most dimensionally challenging and complex parts. This unique integration of engineering talent, sophisticated simulation technologies and our unmatched commitment to quality enables Le Sueur Incorporated to produce some of the most demanding parts in the industry.

Our plastic engineering professionals assist customers with optimizing a product's design using design practices that best facilitate the plastic injection molding process. Careful consideration of the desired plastic resin, geometry/shape and features of the designed part, mold material and mechanics must all be taken into account.

Le Sueur Incorporated specializes in producing dimensionally complex, pressure tight aluminum castings and thermoplastic injection molded components. We offer complete in-house precision casting machining, finishing and assembly.

Please contact us to speak to one of our engineering professionals about your project requirements.