Markets Served


Rail: Brake Systems, Brake Housings, Valve Covers, Computer Housings, Contravanes, Camshaft Covers, Lip Seals, Valve Housings

HD and MD trucks: Transmission Channel Plates, Sumps, Oil Pans, Gear Boxes, Gear Cases, Mid Pans, Exhaust Brackets, Hood Supports/Assembly, Mirror Brackets, Clutch Housings, Clutch Pistons

Specialty Automotive: Supercharger Housings and various components, Air Heaters, Air Exchangers, Cartridge Heaters, Lighting and Instrumentation, Speaker Bases, Speaker Brackets

Electric Vehicle: Heat Sink Bases, Transmission Housings, End Bells, Rear Covers


2, 4 and 6 cylinder Compressor Housings, Sumps, Manifolds, Cover Plates, Throttle Body Housings, Bearing Housings


Marine: Stern Drive - Pump Housings, Reservoirs, Adapter Housings, Out Board - Pedestals, Trim Cylinder Housings, Manifolds, Lower Units

Snowmobile: Structural Housings, Engine Mounts

ATV: Gear Cases, Crank Cases, Engine Cases, Strut Housings

Watercraft: Steering Assemblies, Throttles 

Motor Cycle: Carburetors, Air Cleaning Housings, Backplates, Engine Cylinders, Rocker Box Covers

RV: Generator Housings, Base Housings

Archery: Bow Risers


Gas and Water Meter Housings, Transformer Base Boxes

Power Generation

Coupling Housings, End Bell Housings

Fans and Electric Motors

Fan Blades, Collars, Bases, Blower Fans, Squirrel Cages, End Plates, Drive Housings

Defense (ITAR Registered)

Military Vehicle Components, Pump Cover, Base, Ring, Tail Fin, Cover Plates

Pumps, Sprayers and Fluid Handling

Manifolds, Center Housings, Spray Gun Handles, Diaphragm Plates, Air Covers, Cover Plates, Pump Housings, Piston, Piston Base, Ram Plates, Lubrication Handles, Lube Pump, Metering Housing, Inlet and Outlet Housings, Paint Heaters, Drive Housings, Gear Covers, Enclosure Housing

Agriculture / Heavy Equipment / Turf Care

Mower Decks, Brackets, Oil Pans, Cam Shaft Housing, Cover Castings, Timing Gear Cover, Hood Support, Fan Shroud, Intake Manifolds, Hydraulic Manifolds


X-Ray, Radiographic Housings

Le Sueur Incorporated specializes in producing dimensionally complex, pressure tight aluminum castings and thermoplastic injection molded components. We offer complete in-house precision machining, finishing and assembly. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities!