Gravity Pour Permanent Mold Casting

LSI has state-of-the-art permanent molding machines including low pressure and gravity/tilt pour, allowing us to meet various customer requirements. Combined with our internal quality capabilities such as complete metallurgical lab, NDT lab, three x-ray processes, liquid penetrant inspection, and in-house heat treating, LSI is a full-service supplier ensuring that our customers receive consistent quality products and service. LSI pours many alloys including A356, 356, 319, 333, C355, 355, and 413.

Gravity Pour Aluminum Casting Process Oshkosh Oil Pan

Experts in Gravity Pour Permanent Mold Casting

Le Sueur Incorporated has been a leader in the casting industry since 1946 with gravity pour permanent mold casting as a staple of our business. This has resulted in outstanding supplier relationships lasting well over 60 years - from Minnesota and beyond. As a leader in manufacturing dimensionally challenging, complex, and pressure-tight/leak-tight castings, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you first-hand our many capabilities offered at Le Sueur Incorporated. 

Gravity Pour Permanent Mold Casting Process

Gravity pour permanent mold casting utilizes gravity to pour molten metal into iron or steel molds having the reverse image of the part being produced. The molten aluminum can be poured using one of two methods: directly into the mold (static) or via pouring cups with the mold slowly shifting position during the pour (tilt pour). Magma casting simulation is used to determine the best technique for filling the casting. The cavity is filled through a gating system and solidifies after several minutes. The mold is then opened, and the aluminum casting is ejected from it.

This process is also known as tilt pour permanent mold, semi-permanent mold, gravity die casting, static permanent mold, permold, and permanent mould. The permanent mold process is very stable and repeatable resulting in a consistent quality casting.

Semi-permanent mold is an iron or steel mold utilizing sand cores to create complex geometries that cannot be formed by just the mold. Cores can be made from the shell core or isocure core making processes. Cores are placed in the mold prior to the metal being poured. Semi-Permanent Mold = An Iron or Steel Mold + Sand Core(s).

Static Pour vs. Tilt Pour

As the name implies, static pour involves no movement of the mold. The mold is held vertically while the molten metal is poured into it.

Gravity Pour Aluminum Casting Process

For tilt pour, once the metal is poured into the pouring cups, the mold is slowly rotated to the vertical position. Under gravity, the metal slowly fills the mold cavity at a constant rate.

Tilt Pour Aluminum Casting Process

Advantages of Tilt / Gravity Pour Permanent Mold

  • Permanent mold castings offer superior mechanical properties (Yield, Tensile, and Elongation) than conventional casting processes
  • Overall part quality is improved
  • Improved surface finish
  • Tighter tolerances are achieved than conventional sand castings.
  • Spray coatings (insulating and chill coatings) are easier to apply in the mold resulting in improved overall part quality.
  • Tighter tolerances in permanent mold often result in less machining and lower overall costs compared to sand casting

Tilt Pour Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Applications

  • Air Cylinders
  • Base Castings
  • Cold Plates
  • Compressor Bodies
  • Cooling Fins and Fans
  • Couplings
  • Covers
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Differential Housings
  • Engine Mid Plates
  • Filter Bases
  • Gear Box Housings
  • Gear Cases
  • Heating Elements
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Oil Pans
  • Pistons
  • Pressure Housings
  • Suspension Components
  • Transmission Channel Plates
  • Transmission Housings
  • Transom Base Mounts for Marine Applications
  • Valve Bodies
  • Valve Housings

Contact Le Sueur to Start Your Casting Project

LSI specializes in dimensionally complex, pressure-tight aluminum castings and thermoplastic injection molded components. We offer complete in-house precision machining, finishing, and assembly. Please contact us if you have a project to discuss!

Gravity Pour Aluminum Casting Process Oshkosh Mid Pan Assembly